Patrick McCafferty is a former pupil at 5RB. For an insight into pupillage at 5RB, we asked Patrick a few questions:

Where did you go to university and what did you study?

I qualified in Australia taking degrees in law and commerce at the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland.  I also read for and obtained a Bachelor of Civil Laws at the University of Oxford.

Why did you choose 5RB?

Having practised in Australia for several years and with an interest in media law, I had heard a considerable amount about 5RB and regarded them as the leaders in the field.

What’s the best thing about pupillage?

There are two things. Being able to specialise in an interesting and ever-changing area of the law.  The second is being able to work with and observe the true leaders in the field.

What’s the worst?

Making minor mistakes and thinking (albeit the thoughts were without foundation) that I had embarassed myself professionally.

Was pupillage what you were expecting?

In a word, yes. While the work was mostly paper-based and centred on defamation and breach of privacy cases, there were plenty of opportunities to observe advocacy in court and become involved in the preparation of those cases.

What advice would you give to potential applicants?

Be yourself and be committed to your chosen career path. As the set is highly specialised  an interest in media law and/or some experience in the field, however little, would be of inestimable benefit.