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Tag: Court of Appeal

January 27, 2017
Prince wins libel and DPA appeals

Court of Appeal rules adding DPA inaccuracy claim to libel claim permissible; also finds for Prince on defamatory meaning

Categories: Data Protection, Defamation, News

Tags: Court of Appeal, data protection, defamatory meaning, inaccuracy, Libel, online

December 7, 2016
Supreme Court refuses Simpson permission to appeal

Footballer's claim may now proceed to trial

Category: Defamation

Tags: Court of Appeal, Defamation, Meaning, Supreme Court

November 29, 2016
Lachaux appeal hearing begins

Court of Appeal to consider section 1 Defamation Act 2013

Category: Defamation

Tags: 5RB, Court of Appeal, Defamation, Defamation Act 2013, serious harm

December 17, 2015
Mirror phone-hacking damages appeal dismissed

Damages awards totalling £1.2m stand

Categories: News, Privacy

Tags: Court of Appeal, damages, misuse of private information, privacy

October 30, 2015
Court of Appeal hearing in ANL v Weller

Appeal in relation to photos of Paul Weller's children heard

Categories: Data Protection, News, Privacy

Tags: Court of Appeal, damages, data protection, privacy

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