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March 10, 2017
Jack Monroe wins libel claim against Katie Hopkins

Monroe awarded £24,000 over two tweets

Categories: Defamation, News

Tags: damages, Defamation, Defamation Act 2013, Libel

November 11, 2016
Neighbours’ dispute leads to £32,080 award of damages

Claims in false imprisonment, slander and harassment succeed

Categories: Defamation, Harassment, Malicious Prosecution

Tags: damages, Defamation, False Imprisonment, Harassment, Malicious Prosecution

November 4, 2016
Vegetarian restaurateur awarded £9000 libel damages for cow death allegation

...But fails to beat Defendant's offer to pay £10,000 damages

Category: Defamation

Tags: damages, Defamation, offer of amends

March 30, 2016
Supreme Court refuses permission in two media cases

Mirror phone-hacking damages case and Weller will not be heard by the SC

Category: Privacy

Tags: damages, misuse of private information, phone-hacking, privacy, Supreme Court

December 17, 2015
Mirror phone-hacking damages appeal dismissed

Damages awards totalling £1.2m stand

Categories: News, Privacy

Tags: Court of Appeal, damages, misuse of private information, privacy

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