Year: 2006

PCC rejects Edmonds’ privacy complaint

The Press Complaints Commission has today rejected a complaint from Helen Edmonds, the ex-wife of television presenter Noel Edmonds, that the Mail on Sunday had intruded into her privacy by publishing the whereabouts of her new… Read More »

Source protection trial commences

Freelance journalist Robin Ackroyd today began his High Court defence to an action brought to compel him to identify a source for a story about Ian Brady published in the Daily Mirror in December 1999. The case raises important… Read More »

Inverdale stamping not deliberate

The Disciplinary Panel of the RFU has rejected allegations that John Inverdale, the TV commentator, was deliberately stamped on in a veterans match between Staines and Esher, whilst finding the player concerned guilty of recklessness…. Read More »