Brand & Goldsmith v Berki

Reference: [2015] EWHC 3373

Court: High Court Queen's Bench

Judge: Jay J

Date of judgment: 28 Oct 2015

Summary: Summary judgment granted in harassment claim

Appearances: Aidan Eardley KC (Claimant) 

Instructing Solicitors: Archerfield Partners LLP


Russell Brand and his then partner Jemima Goldsmith obtained an interim harassment injunction against an individual who had attended to provide a massage but who had then proceeded to make serious allegations  of criminal offences to the media and on social media. The police had investigated and concluded there was no case to answer. At the Pre-trial review, the Claimants applied for summary judgment.


Whether claimants entitled to summary judgment


Summary judgment and permanent injunction granted. The Defendant had no realistic prospect of resisting a finding that her conduct amounted to the tort of harassment.