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Category: Harassment

June 21, 2015
Service of injunction via Instagram

Court permits service of privacy and harassment proceedings via photo-sharing service

Categories: Harassment, News, Privacy

April 17, 2015
Former UN official obtains harassment injunction

Takedown of websites ordered under PHA 1997

Category: Harassment

Tags: Harassment, Injunction

February 18, 2015
‘Revenge Porn’ becomes a specific criminal offence

Criminal Justice and Courts Act receives Royal Assent

Categories: Harassment, News, Privacy

Tag: legislation

November 6, 2014
Miller and Crawford: permission refused

Permission to Appeal dismissed by the Supreme Court in both cases

Categories: Defamation, Harassment, News

Tags: Defamation, Harassment, Supreme Court

May 13, 2014
AVB granted privacy injunction

Privacy claims succeeds but harassment claim fails

Categories: Harassment, News, Privacy

Tags: Harassment, Injunction, privacy

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