5RB practice management changes

John Sizer leaves 5RB after 2 decades, Jamie Clack joins.

5RB has undergone significant practice management changes in Spring 2012.

After twenty-three years John Sizer left the 5RB practice management team on 30 April 2012. All members of 5RB and its clerking team would like to thank John for his hard work and dedication to chambers and wish him every success for the future.

In March 2011 Andrew Love was appointed Deputy Senior Clerk at 5RB, with responsibilities for business development, and continues managing the practices of members of 5RB at all levels.

Jamie Clack joined 5RB in February 2012. Prior to 5RB, Jamie worked at a leading criminal chambers in London where his responsibilities included providing a client-focused clerking service, practice management, and business development. Jamie also has administrative, clerking and systems management experience gained within HM Courts Service and studied financial computing at Brunel University.

James Wale and Marc Collier continue providing support to 5RB‘s practice management team and Kim Janes continues in her role as Senior Clerk.

On behalf of the rest of 5RB, joint heads of Chambers Desmond Browne QC and Mark Warby QC wish Andrew and Jamie well in their new roles.