Global acclaim for Gatley

10th edition is 'the definitive work'

The 10th edition of Gatleythe authoritative text on Libel and Slander – continues to win excellent reviews across the globe.


In a recent review by Roy Baker at the Communications Law Centre at the University of New South Wales, published in the September 2004 Media and Arts Review of the University of Melbourne, Gatley was commended as being “without doubt one of the most authoritative and comprehensive works on defamation in the English speaking world“, and having an “undeniable status in Australia“.


Recognising its 80-year pedigree, the review concluded: “For any serious practitioner in or student of defamation law, there really is no choice. Gatley remains the definitive work.


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5RB’s Patrick Milmo QC, Richard Parkes QC and Godwin Busuttil were editors of the 10th edition, together with Professors W. V. H. Rogers and Clive Walker. 5RB’s Adam Speker was the precedents editor for the 10th edition.


Gatley is published by Sweet & Maxwell.