ICO publishes data protection guide for the media

Data Protection and Journalism: A Guide for the Media launched

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has today published Data Protection and Journalism: A Guide for the Media. The publication of the guide follows a consultation on draft guidance which took place earlier this year. The guide has been developed in response to the recommendation in the Leveson Report that the Information Commissioner develop specific and comprehensive guidance on the application of the Data Protection Act to the press.

Alongside the guide the ICO has also published its response to the consultation, advice to the public, a quick guide for the media, and a blog by Christopher Graham, the Information Commissioner, explaining the guide and its context.

The guide itself addresses a series of issues which journalists and the media may face, including:

– An outline of the Data Protection Act and the de-bunking of certain myths

– Practical guidance on how data protection affects the work of journalists

– Data protection and confidential sources

– Good corporate practice for larger organisations

– Data protection, privacy and freedom of expression

– The journalism exception under section 32 of the Act

– The offence under section 55 of the Act

– Data protection disputes and the role of the ICO and the civil courts

Data Protection and Journalism: A Guide for the Media can be found here.

The Information Commissioner’s blog introducing the guide and accompanying documents can be found here.