Jacob Zuma wins libel damages

Guardian makes unqualified offer of amends to President of South Africa

Jacob Zuma, the President of South Africa, accepted libel damages and an apology from The Guardian today in the High Court.

In a unilateral statement in open court read today, the court heard that President Zuma had complained about an article written by Simon Jenkins which was published in The Guardian newspaper and on its website on Friday 6 March 2009. The article alleged that President Zuma was guilty of rape and the crimes of corruption and bribery arising out of his involvement in a $5 billion arms deal. The allegations were ‘of the utmost seriousness and totally untrue’, the court heard.

The statement went on to record that The Guardian had made an unqualified offer of amends and paid ‘very substantial damages and …. publicly apologised to the Claimant.’

The full statement can be read by clicking on the pdf icon below.

5RB‘s Adam Speker acted for President Zuma, instructed by Schillings.