Lance Armstrong settles Sunday Times case over defamation damages

Confidential settlement ends High Court battle to reclaim damages and costs

Lance Armstrong and the Sunday Times have reached a “mutually acceptable final resolution” to the High Court case brought by the Sunday Times’ to reclaim the £300,000 paid to Armstrong in damages, plus £720,000 in costs in relation to a defamation claim against the newspaper brought by Armstrong. Armstrong sued in the Sunday Times over an article published in 2004 entitled “LA Confidential”, which suggested that Armstrong may have used performance enhancing drugs and which the court ruled meant that Armstrong was a fraud, a cheat and a liar. The Sunday Times settled the case in 2006.

Armstrong has since famously admitted that he did use performance enhancing drugs, despite his many previous claims to the contrary. In the light of this the Sunday Times sought to reclaim the £300,000 it paid Armstrong to settle the case, plus its costs. The details of the settlement remain confidential.


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