Ozzy Osbourne accepts damages for Brit Awards slur

Daily Star apologises to singer

Ozzy Osbourne has settled his libel claim against the publishers of the Daily Star in relation to allegations that he had thrown the 2008 Brit Awards into chaos after suffering a health scare.

The newspaper had reported that the former Black Sabbath singer and star of the television reality programme The Osbournes had toppled over twice just before the ceremony was about to begin prompting organisers to consider withdrawing him from the event. The article also alleged that Mr Osbourne, who was co-hosting the Awards ceremony with his wife and children, had to be ferried around in an electric buggy. Further allegations were published on the Daily Star website.

In a statement in open court, Express Newspapers accepted that the allegations were completely untrue and apologised to Mr Osbourne. It also agreed to publish an apology and pay an undisclosed amount of damages to the claimant.

Mr Osbourne will donate the damages to charity.