The new term ahead…

Spring 2005 at 5RB

A new year, another very busy term for 5RB.  Here are some of the highlights of the Hilary Term:

24 January 2005 – Mahfouz v Brisard (QBD – Jury Trial)

24 January 2005 – Locum Group v Jones (ChD)

3 February 2005Collins Stewart v The Financial Times (QBD)

14 February 2005 – Campbell’s Sponsorship Ltd v NGN (ChD)

14 February 2005 – Ford v Lambeth (QBD – Jury Trial)

21 February 2005 – Barnett v Middlesbrough (QBD – Jury Trial)

21 February 2005 – Fraser-Woodward Ltd v BBC (ChD)

28 February 2005 – Jones v Darby (QBD – Jury Trial)

28 February 2005 – Miller v Associated Newspapers (QBD – Jury Trial)

14 March 2005 – Rackham v Sandy (QBD – Jury Trial)

15 March 2005 – Conway v Regent House Properties (CA)

Also expected this term are the House of Lords’ opinions in the Polanski v Conde Nast appeal, the Court of Appeal’s reserved judgments in the Douglas & Others v Hello! Ltd and Jameel v Wall Street Journal Europe appeals and the European Court of Human Rights’s judgment in the McLibel case.

Full case reports will appear at in due course.