Pupillage Gateway: Completing application forms

Pupillage Gateway and other applications:

Completing application forms

When using the Pupillage Gateway, always read the instructions carefully. For example, if it says not to include additional information, don’t; and if it sets a word limit do not exceed it.

Your application is important to us: it provides the only information we have about you upon which to base our decision. Plan what you are going to say. Consider preparing a draft application form before committing yourself to the final version. Sometimes it is helpful to get someone to read it through to check for any spelling/grammar errors.

If applying through the Pupillage Gateway, you MUST use the online application form provided on the Gateway. For those exceptional applications which are entitled to be made outside of the Gateway process, please try and type the form. If you do need to hand write the form, please write legibly in dark ink. Your application is probably one of hundreds and if the person who is short-listing cannot read it, s/he will have difficulty in identifying your skills.

Answer the Pupillage Gateway questions clearly and concisely – do not go off at a tangent and do not ignore the question altogether. When answering the questions remember to provide evidence to support any claims to have the relevant skills or attributes. Please pay particular attention to the 5RB-specific question which is asked on the Gateway application.

Be realistic. We are a specialised chambers and the areas of work in which we practise are limited. You have 12 choices in the Pupillage Gateway. Use them wisely: only apply to us if you are serious about seeking a pupillage here and you have taken some time to find out what we do.

If you have a specific question about any application, please contact Chambers.