5RB @ Media Law Conference

Annual Management Forum Conference - 26 January 2005

Desmond Browne QC and Mark Warby QC of 5RB will be speaking at the second annual Management Forum Media Law Conference on 26 January 2005 which will be chaired by Christina Michalos, also of 5RB.


Mark Warby QC will be speaking on the subject of  Privacy Law in Transition including:



  • The new tort of privacy: Naomi Campbell gives birth in the House of Lords
  • The scope of Article 8
  • Resolving conflicts between privacy and freedom of expression: the new approach
  • The public interest – can interesting trivia qualify?
  • Prior restraint


Desmond Browne QC will be covering Recent Practical Issues in Defamation including:



  • Offers of Amends: the Jimmy Nail Case
  • Recent Reynolds defences: the Jameel case
  • Abuse by relitigation: can claims and defences be run more than once
  • Libel injunctions: the impact of Cream Holdings
  • Foreign Claimants suing on Internet publications: the Don King case


Other topics to be covered at the Conference include: the Freedom of Information Act and the Media and the impact of the Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003 one year on.


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Management Forum Media Law Conference