Adidas can use logo at Wimbledon

Injunction granted against Grand Slam tournaments

Adidas has succeeded in its application for an interim injunction against the organisers of the four Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments and will be allowed to use its 3-stripe design on players’ clothing at Wimbledon.

The Grand Slam Committee –  consisting of the organisers of Wimbledon, the US Open, the Australian Open and the Roland Garros/French Open together with the International Tennis Federation -had ruled that the 3-stripe design was a manufacturer’s identification. Manufacturer’s identifications are not permitted to be larger than 4 square inches on player’s clothing.  Previously, the GSC had regarded the 3-stripe design as a design effect, but it has been registered as a trade mark.  The GSC’s decision would have had the effect of prohibiting Adidas’s existing designs of players clothing being worn at Wimbledon later this year.

Sir Andrew Morritt, yesterday declined the Defendants’ applications for summary judgment and/or to strike out the claim, and ruled in favour of Adidas, concluding that the only effective remedy for Adidas was to grant the injunction sought.

Click here for the 5RB case report and full judgment.