Apology for Prince Philip cancer story

Standard makes unreserved apology one day after publishing cancer claims

The Evening Standard has today published a prominent apology to Prince Philip for a story it published on its front page yesterday, which stated that the Prince had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

As intimated in its statement yesterday, Buckingham Palace made a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission that the story was false and an invasion of the Prince’s privacy.

The apology, trailed on the front page and printed in full on page 5 of the daily London newspaper, read:

“HRH The Duke of Edinburgh: Apology

In the Evening Standard of 6 August we stated that The Duke of Edinburgh had been diagnosed as suffering from cancer of the prostate. We now accept that the story was untrue and that he is not suffering from any such condition.

We unreservedly apologise both to him and to his family for making this distressing allegation and for breaching his privacy.”