Apology over ‘misery memoir’

Hodder & Stoughton apologise to father for daughter's book, “Mummy’s Witness”

A father accused by his daughter in her book “Mummy’s Witness” of having sexually, emotionally and physically abused her from the age of four today set the record straight in a statement in open court in which he publicly declared that the allegations were completely untrue.


Hodder and Stoughton Ltd, the publishers of the book, apologised for the distress caused to the father, Mr Tom Sanders, and his family. They also made donations to charities of Mr Sanders’ choice and paid his legal costs.


Mr Sanders told the Court that he had evidence in the form of letters and documents which support his version of events, in stark contrast to the picture painted by his daughter in her book. Throughout the book, he stated, there are examples of events being described in a way which was inconsistent with these letters and documents. In the statement Hodder & Stoughton Ltd stated that without a full trial they were not in a position to resolve where the truth lay; however they noted that there were often two sides to a story and accepted that the book did not put forward Mr Sander’s version of events.


5RB’s Sara Mansoori, instructed by Furley Page LLP, acted for Mr Sanders.


To see a copy of the statement in open court, please click on the pdf icon at the foot of the page.