Appeal judge receives libel apology

Telegraph apologises to Lord Justice Sedley for publishing false allegations over handling of care home case

Telegraph Media Group today publicly apologised to Lord Justice Sedley for publishing untrue and damaging allegations about his handling of a case involving residents of a care home.

The 20 November 2010 edition of the Daily Telegraph carried an article based on a complaint made to the Official for Judicial Complaints.  The complaint lacked merit and was dismissed in its entirety in January of this year.  However, the allegations made public by the Telegraph were so professionally damaging that the Court of Appeal judge felt it necessary to seek public vindication, which he has achieved today with the agreed statement read at the High Court before Mrs Justice Sharp making it clear that the allegations were “wholly without foundation” and that the Telegraph apologised for publishing them.

The Telegraph has also agreed to publish a report of the statement in its next edition, to pay Sedley LJ’s legal costs and to make a charitable donation in lieu of damages.

5RB‘s Desmond Browne QC (instructed by Bindmans) acted for the Rt. Hon. Sir Stephen Sedley.