BNP Candidate refused permission to appeal

Court of Appeal rejects application to overturn jury verdict

Mary Culnane, who lost her libel trial in November last year, has had her application for permission to appeal the jury verdict refused by the Court of Appeal.

Mrs Culnane – who is reported to have now left the BNP – applied to the Court of Appeal to have the jury verdict overturned on the basis that the words complained of were not capable of being regarded as a comment and that the jury were biased and acted perversely.

The application was considered without a hearing by Lord Justice Keene, who refused to grant permission to appeal on the basis that the meaning of the words was a matter for the jury to decide and there was ‘no properly arguable basis’ for the assertion that the jury was biased or acted perversely.

Mrs Culhane has the right to ask the Court to reconsider the decision at an oral hearing.

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5RB‘s Sara Mansoori (instructed by Wragge & Co) acted for the Defendants, Mark Morris and Vijay Naidu.