Five year ban for jockey

Disclosure orders key to Carter corruption case

The Jockey Club Disciplinary Panel yesterday imposed a 5-year disqualification on the jockey Gary Carter, and fined him £2,000.

In its decision, released yesterday, the Panel found that on 8 occasions in 2003 Carter, in return for reward, had provided a gambler with information that a horse Carter was to ride would lose. The gambler, Christopher Coleman, and associates of his had then laid Carter’s rides to lose. They risked some £483,000 but Carter did lose each race and the gamblers won a total of some £83,000.

At the time of these events Coleman had already been “warned off” by the Jockey Club for buying inside information from jockeys, and the Panel found Carter’s dealings with him were in breach of the Rules of Racing on that account also. Carter’s fine resulted from a further finding, that he lied to Jockey Club investigators at various stages of the investigation in an attempt to conceal his links with Coleman.

Christopher Coleman and 4 other individuals were excluded indefinitely from Jockey Club premises for their part in what the Panel found to have been a corrupt scheme to profit by laying Carter’s rides to lose each of the 8 races, relying on the information provided by Carter. Charges against one individual, Mrs Linda Hobbs, were dismissed.

The case against Carter and the others relied heavily on telephone and computer records obtained by the Jockey Club from third parties via “Norwich Pharmacal” disclosure orders made by the High Court. The use of this procedure was novel and effective. The Disciplinary Panel expressed the view that “without this material it is almost certain that it would have proved impossible to bring to light the serious breaches of the Rules of Racing” which it found had occurred.

5RB‘s Mark Warby QC and Anna Coppola advised the Jockey Club and represented it at last Wednesday’s inquiry.

Anna Coppola represented the Jockey Club in Jockey Club v Carphone Warehouse Ltd and each of the other 3 successful Norwich Pharmacal applications.