Independent retracts Trafigura allegations

Newspaper accepts front page story was wrong

The Independent has today published a retraction of allegations made on its front page on 17 September 2009 concerning commodities trader Trafigura.

The newspaper has withdrawn allegations concerning the settlement of claims brought against Trafigura by individuals who alleged that they had been injured when waste from a Trafigura chartered ship was illegally dumped by an independent contractor in Cote d’Ivoire in 2006.

The Independent acknowledged that it was wrong to suggest that due to the settlement claims of more serious injuries including miscarriages would not be tested, as such claims had already been withdrawn earlier last year. It also accepted that the woman with a severely scarred face whose photograph illustrated the front page story was in fact suffering from a condition which could not have been caused by the waste. The newspaper said it was happy to set the record straight.

5RB’s Jacob Dean (instructed by Carter-Ruck) advised Trafigura in relation to its complaint against The Independent.