Kiss ‘n’ tell and snatched photos

Desmond Browne QC delivers key speech at Specialist Bar Associations' seminar

5RB’s Desmond Browne QC addressed the Chancery and Professional Negligence Bar Associations at their seminar on privacy and confidentiality held at Lincoln’s Inn this evening.


Mr Browne’s speech, entitled “Kiss & Tell Stories and Snatched Photographs”, analysed the current practical issues in privacy cases against the press including the recent developments in cases such as Murray v Big Pictures Limited and Mosley v News Group Newspapers.


The Specialist Bar Association event was opened by the Chairman of the Professional Negligence Bar Association, Sue Carr QC, and was chaired by retired Court of Appeal Judge, Sir John Chadwick. Also on the panel were David Halpern QC, who spoke on the financial remedies available for breach of privacy/confidentiality, and Charles Phipps (joint author of Toulson and Phipps on Confidentiality), who gave a talk entitled: “Privacy: a cuckoo in the nest?”


Desmond Browne QC is joint head of 5RB and is expected to become Chairman of the Bar for the year commencing 1 January 2009. Speaking after the event last night, Mr Browne said:


“As present Vice-Chairman of the Bar, I have been delighted to accept invitations to address a number of the Specialist Bar Associations recently. The SBAs play a most valuable role in providing high-quality continuing education to their members. To clear up any doubts, I shall be continuing in full-time practice for the rest of this year, and will be remaining a full member of 5RB during 2009. I shall carry on practice and providing advice to the extent that I can consistent with my duties as Chairman of the Bar. In that way, I hope to achieve my intention of returning to full-time practice in 2010.”


Mr Browne also recently delivered a speech to the Family Law Bar Association on privacy rights in applications for ancillary relief. This has become a contentious issue in a number of recent cases (including Mr Justice Tugendhat’s decision in L v L) where one spouse has gained illicit access to the other’ documents or e-mails.