Leading vet in Privy Council victory

Removal from veterinary register reduced to 6-month suspension

A vet’s appeal against his removal from the register of veterinary surgeons by a Disciplinary Committee of the RCVS was today allowed by the Privy Council, and a penalty of six months substituted in its place.


Dr Alan Walker had been suspended on 30 January 2007 after two isolated acts of false certification were found to amount to disgraceful conduct in a professional respect.


In deciding to consider the matter afresh the Privy Council criticised the brevity of the reasons given by the Disciplinary Committee and weaknesses in the reasons which were given. In fixing on a penalty of six months suspension the PC drew attention to Dr Walker’s “long and otherwise unblemished and excellent career”, the fact that his actions created “no risk to animal or human health”, and his frankness and remorse throughout the proceedings.


Click here for the full judgment and 5RB case report.


Dr Walker was represented before the Privy Council by 5RB‘s Mark Warby QC and Jacob Dean, instructed by Hill Dickinson.