London Paper apologises to Mayor

Freesheet sorry for publishing photos of Johnson's children on holiday

The London Paper, the free newspaper produced by News International in London and the South-East has apologised to the London Mayor, Boris Johnson for publishing photographs of his children whilst on holiday in Turkey.

Mr Johnson complained to the PCC last month under the privacy and children clauses of the Code of Practice after the photographs were published. The photographs were taken of Johnson’s four children walking in the street and sitting on a boat. The Mayor complained that his children were ‘young, they are not public figures and the mayor does not involve them in his public functions. There can be little legitimate public interest in reporting information about their private lives.’ 

Mr Johnson also wrote to other newspapers alerting them to his desire to avoid his children receiving press publicity as a result of his election as Mayor.

The London Paper wrote to Mr Johnson to apologise and assure Mr Johnson and his wife that the newspaper would abide by the PCC Code of Practice regarding his family’s privacy in future. The London Paper removed the photographs from its website and archive.