Northern Rock granted injunction against Financial Times

Further reporting of confidential documents prohibited

Northern Rock plc last night obtained a short term injunction against the Financial Times and other media organisations preventing any further disclosure of a leaked briefing memorandum prepared by the bank’s advisers and provided to potential bidders. had earlier reported material from the briefing memorandum, a document governed by a confidentiality agreement and the memorandum itself. The bank applied for an order to prevent further disclosure of the briefing memorandum on the basis that it was sensitive confidential information. At 7pm Mr Justice Tugendhat granted a limited injunction preventing further disclosure of the leaked document and material in the document that had not been published elsewhere than the FT’s website by that time.


5RB‘s Desmond Browne QC and Jonathan Barnes, instructed by Olswang, acted for the Financial Times.


Click here for the full judgment and 5RB case report.