Senior Property Executive Settles Privacy Claim

PR firm apologises and pays damages

Matthew Pullen, a senior real estate commercial executive, has settled his claim for breach of privacy against the PR firm, FTI Consulting LLP and Anthony Danaher, the Chairman of Strategic Communications of that firm.

Mr Pullen had been employed by CBRE Ltd the commercial property agent, from September 1990. In November 2012 the Claimant and CBRE entered into negotiations which led to a settlement agreement under which Mr Pullen was to depart from CBRE. FTI Consulting LLP were retained by CBRE to advise on public relations matters and advised in connection with the Claimant’s departure.

Mr Pullen brought a claim in privacy against FTI Consulting and Mr Danaher in respect of the inadvertent disclosure of certain details concerning the circumstances of his departure from CBRE.

FTI Consulting LLP, the First Defendant, apologised by way of a statement in open court read on 8th May 2014 before Mr Justice Tugendhat. FTI Consulting also paid a sum to Mr Pullen in damages and as a contributions towards his costs.

5RB’s Christina Michalos (instructed by Charles Russell LLP) acted for Mr Pullen in the privacy claim.


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