The new term ahead…

5RB's forthcoming hearings

As always, the autumn term will be a busy one for 5RB. Here’s what lies ahead.

3 October – Universal Studios v Flextech Rights Ltd (Comm Ct)

11 October – George Galloway v Telegraph Group (CA)

17 October – Rupert Lowe v Times Newspapers (QBD – Jury Trial)

24 October – Culnane v Morris (QBD – Jury Trial)

31 October – Cray v Hancock (QBD)

14 November – IMG v TRO Essex Music (ChD)

14 November – Henry v BBC (QBD – Jury Trial)

23 November – Brunei Press v Aziz (Brunei CA)

28 NovemberCrossland v Wilkinson (CA)

28 NovemberMusa King v Telegraph Group (QBD – Costs)

November/December Wood v West Midlands Police (QBD – Costs)

5 December – Beckhams v News Group (QBD – Jury Trial)

5 December – Delaney v News Group (QBD – Jury Trial)

12 December – Re Red Lancer (Disciplinary Panel of the Jockey Club)

14 DecemberMcKeith v News Group (QBD – Jury Trial)

Also expected this term are the House of Lords’ reserved judgment on the costs aspects of Campbell v Mirror Group, which may have significant repercussions for conditional fee agreements in media cases, and Stanley Burnton J’s ruling in Mullins v Appeal Board, on whether judicial review is available in respect of a decision of the Appeal Board of the Jockey Club to disqualify a horse from a 2002 race.

Further information about the cases listed above will appear on shortly.