TV lie detector tester wins apology

Rival chat show lie detector testers’ court room battle settles

A legal battle between two TV chat show lie detector testers came to a close after one of them agreed to apologise, pay substantial damages and costs for having falsely suggested that the other had been sacked.

Don Cargill, who has appeared on the Trisha Goddard Show on Channel 5, had written a letter to the editor of the Trisha Goddard Show suggesting that Bruce Burgess, a rival polygraph tester who has appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show on ITV, had been justifiably sacked by Professor Grubin during a Government funded pilot study as a result of incompetent work.

The allegation was completely untrue. In fact – as a letter from Professor Grubin proved – Mr Burgess had never worked for Professor Grubin, let alone been sacked by him.

Mr Burgess issued libel proceedings. Following an offer of amends made by Mr Cargill, he acknowledged that the allegation was false and had no foundation, apologised and agreed to pay damages of £25,000 and to pay Mr Burgess’s legal costs.  He stated that he very much regretted making the allegation and maintained that it was made as a result of a misunderstanding.

5RB’s Sara Mansoori and Victoria Shore acted for Mr Burgess instructed by twm solicitors.