5RB usually runs three mini-pupillage programmes each year.  These are normally held in June, October and December.  On these programmes we accept up to 6 mini-pupils for 2 days.  During the 2 days you will have the opportunity to attend court hearings involving members of 5RB, to learn about our work, and to meet members of Chambers.

We no longer run remote mini-pupillage programmes.

If you wish to apply for the June 2024 mini-pupillage programme please apply by 1 May 2024 using the form available at the links below.

5RB strongly believes, and is committed to ensuring, that students from all backgrounds should be able to undertake mini-pupillage with us at the minimum expense to themselves.  We aim to improve access to the Bar for all.  We will assist successful applicants by making a contribution to reasonable accommodation and travel expenses, if needed, on application following attendance at a mini-pupillage programme.  Decisions on needed grants are made separately from the decision on whether an applicant is invited to attend mini-pupillage.

Applications for mini-pupillage at 5RB must be made using Chambers’ mini-pupillage application form. A Word version is available here (right click and “save link as”):

Word version of 5RB mini-pupillage application 2023

5RB mini-pupillage form (pdf)

Please email your completed form to

If you would like any further information about our mini-pupillage programme, please contact Chambers by telephone on 020 7242 2902, by email at, or by letter to 5RB.