5RB talks – the Supreme Court decision in the Morrisons data breach case

With Jonathan Barnes KC, Aidan Eardley KC & Felicity McMahon

Format: Webinar
Date: 9 Apr 2020

When Lady Hale brought the Supreme Court hearing to an end in November of last year 2019, she commented that the Morrisons case was of particular fascination to the Court.

In this 5RB talk Jonathan BarnesAidan Eardley and Felicity McMahon will try to draw out some of the fascinating issues and also to look to the possible future impact of the decision.

Thank you also to those who have sent in questions in advance – which we covered in our discussion. Let us know if you have any follow-on questions. Please email clerks@5rb.com with any comments on this, our inaugural webinar. Your feedback would be appreciated greatly.