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Thompson v James

Defamation - Libel- Appeal - Meaning - Whether Blog post bore meaning found by Judge - Whether Rules on Meaning needed to be amended for political speech- Article 10

[2014] EWCA Civ 600 - Court of Appeal

Judge Longmore, Black, Underhill LLJ

Johnson v Home Office

Breach of Confidence - Damage to Reputation - Public Interest Defence - Negligence - Proximity - Foreseeability - Remoteness of Damage -Trial

26/06/2003 - Doncaster County Court

Judge Recorder Lodge QC

Dorgan v Home Office (joined with Anderton v Clwyd CC)

Civil Procedure - Service of Process - Power to Extend Time for Service of Claim Form

[2002] EWCA Civ 933; [2002] 1 WLR 3174; [2002] 3 All ER 813 - Court of Appeal

Judge Lord Phillips MR, Mummery & Hale LJJ