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Anna Turley v Unite the Union and Stephen Walker

Libel – Trial – Liability for publication – Serious harm – Truth – Public interest – Assessment of damages – CPR Part 36

[2019] EWHC 3547 (QB) - High Court (QBD)

Judge Nicklin J

DSM SFG Group Holdings Limited v Kelly

Breach of Confidence - Harassment - Discharge of Undertakings to the Court - The extent, if at all, that it is permissible for a litigant to rely on confidential information, obtained by covert recording of another's premises, to support a legal claim before that litigant has established the right to use that information

[2019] EWCA Civ 2256 - Court of Appeal

Judge Lord Justice Davis; Lord Justice Simon

UKIP Ltd v Braine & Ors

Injunction - Without Notice - Blackmail - Disclosure - Breach of Confidence – s.12, Human Rights Act 1998 - Interim Non-Disclosure Orders

[2019] EWHC 3527 (QB) - High Court (QBD)

Judge Warby J

Kirkegaard v Smith

Defamation - Meaning - Honest Opinion - Preliminary Issue Trial

[2019] EWHC 2947 (QB) - High Court

Judge Julian Knowles J

Chandler v O’Connor

Libel – Twitter – Summary Relief – Defamation Act 1996 – Assessment of Damages

[2019] EWHC 3181 (QB) - High Court (QBD)

Judge Nicklin J


Blackmail - Harassment - Legitimate Expectation of Privacy - ECHR Article 8 - "Without Prejudice" privilege - Anonymity - Private Hearing - Practice Guidance: Interim Non-Disclosure Orders

[2019] EWHC 3190 (QB) - High Court, Queen's Bench Division

Judge Steyn J

R (BBC) v Newcastle Crown Court

Judicial Review of a Production Order under PACE

[2019] EWHC 2756; [2020] 1 Cr App R 16; [2020] EMLR 8; [2020] Crim LR 247 - Divisional Court (QBD)

Judge Leggatt LJ & Picken J

Sadik v Sadik

Defamation - Libel - Strike out - Summary judgment - s.9, Defamation Act 2013 - CPR r.11 - Jurisdiction - Domicile - s.1, Defamation Act 2013 - Serious harm to reputation - Jameel abuse of process

[2019] EWHC 2717 (QB), [2020] E.M.L.R. 7 - Queen's Bench Division

Judge Julian Knowles J


Injunction - Without Notice - Private Hearing- Anonymity - Blackmail - Data Protection - Privacy - Confidentiality - s12, Human Rights Act 1998

[2019] EWHC 2569 (QB) - Queen's Bench Division

Judge Pepperall J

Lloyd v Google LLC

Data protection – personal data – Claimant seeking compensation for “damage” suffered by reason of contravention of statutory data protection requirement – whether “same interest” condition satisfied for bringing representative action under CPR r19.6

[2019] EWCA Civ 1599 - Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

Judge Dame Victoria Sharp P, Sir Geoffrey Vos C, Davis LJ

AAA v Rakoff

Injunction - Privacy – Anonymity - Expedition

[2019] EWHC 2525 (QB) - High Court (Queen's Bench Division)

Judge Nicklin J

BVC v EWF (No. 2)

Injunction - Privacy - Harassment - jurisdiction - summary judgment

[2019] EWHC 2506 (QB) - High Court (Queen's Bench Division)

Judge HHJ Parkes QC

(1) GC (2) AF (3) BH (4) ED v CNIL

Right to be forgotten – special category data– full controller obligations only bite on search engine when delisting request made – obligation to create accurate impression about current legal proceedings

C-136/17 - CJEU Grand Chamber

Judge K. Lenaerts (President), A. Arabadjiev, A. Prechal, T. von Danwitz, C. Toader and F. Biltgen (Presidents of Chambers), M. Ilešič (Rapporteur), L. Bay Larsen, M. Safjan, D. Šváby, C.G. Fernlund, C. Vajda and S. Rodin

Google v CNIL

Right to be forgotten – territorial scope of de-referencing request – no requirement for global delisting – use of geo-blocking

C-507/17 - CJEU Grand Chamber

Judge K. Lenaerts (President), A. Arabadjiev, E. Regan, T. von Danwitz, C. Toader and F. Biltgen (Presidents of Chambers), M. Ilešič (Rapporteur), L. Bay Larsen, M. Safjan, D. Šváby, C.G. Fernlund, C. Vajda and S. Rodin

BVG v LAR (No 1)

Blackmail - Privacy - Misuse of Private Information - Harassment - Interim Injunction- Non-Disclosure Application

[2019] EWHC 2388 (QC) - High Court, Queen's Bench Division

Judge Murray J

Caine v Advertiser & Times Ltd and Ors (No. 2)

libel – malicious falsehood – res judicata / cause of action estoppel – abuse of process – Extended Civil Restraint Order – liability for hyperlinked content – jurisdiction of a Deputy High Court Judge – totally without merit applications

[2019] EWHC 2278 (QB) - High Court

Judge Richard Spearman QC sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge

Fashion ID GmbH & Co. KG v Verbraucherzentrale NRW eV

Data protection – Facebook plugin embedded on website – joint controllers

C-40/17 - CJEU Second Chamber

Judge K. Lenaerts (President), A. Prechal, C. Toader, A. Rosas (Rapporteur) and M. Ilešič

Simon v Lyder

Defamation - Libel - Appeal from Court of Appeal of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago - Reliance upon subsequent facts - The extent which, if at all, two or more different statements made upon different occasions by the same defendant may be aggregated for the purpose of giving rise to a cause of action in defamation

[2019] UKPC 38 - Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

Judge Lord Wilson, Lord Carnwath, Lady Black, Lord Briggs, Lady Arden

Choudhrie v Choudhrie

Declaration – Breach of confidence – Marital confidence – Strike out - Jameel Abuse

[2019] EWHC 2066 (Ch) - High Court (Chancery Division)

Judge HHJ Hodge QC (sitting as a judge of the High Court)

Solicitor General v Holmes

Contempt in the face of the court – guidance where committal pursued in the Divisional Court

[2019] EWHC 1483 (Admin) - Divisional Court

Judge Coulson LJ, Spencer J

Lachaux v Independent Print Ltd

Defamation – serious harm to reputation under s.1, Defamation Act 2013 – construction – accrual of cause of action – role of meaning of words – role of inference in determination of issue of serious harm – applicability of repetition rule and rule in Dingle v Associated Newspapers to determination of issue of serious harm

[2019] UKSC 27 - Supreme Court

Judge Lords Kerr, Wilson, Sumption, Hodge and Briggs

Alsaifi v Secretary of State for Education

Defamation -  Spokesperson's quote in newspaper article - Meaning - Principles governing quoted source liability - Serious Harm - Effect of Prior Court Judgment on reputational harm - Qualified Privilege - Press Releases

[2019] EWHC 1413 (QB) - High Court, Queen's Bench Division

Judge Anthony Metzer QC sitting as a Deputy Judge of the High Court

Serafin v Malkiewicz

Libel – public interest – truth – damages – unfair judicial treatment

[2019] EWCA Civ 852 - Court of Appeal

Judge Lewison, McCombe and Haddon-Cave LJJ

Kennedy v National Trust for Scotland

Libel – Data Protection – Service within the Jurisdiction – forum non conveniens – Scotland – Deemed Service – Validity of the Claim Form

[2019] EWCA Civ 648 - Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

Judge Sir Rupert Jackson, Sharp and Asplin LJJ

XW v XH (Court of Appeal)

Court of Appeal – Financial remedies – Reporting Restrictions – Anonymity

[2019] EWCA Civ 549 - Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

Judge Underhill LJ, King LJ, Moylan LJ

RJ v Tigipko 2

Reporting Restrictions – Contempt of Court Act 1981 – Anonymity

[2019] EWHC 448 (Fam) - High Court, Family Division

Judge Mostyn J

Greenstein v Campaign against Antisemitism

Defamation - Meaning - Expressions of Opinion or Statements of Fact - Preliminary Issue Trial - Antisemitism allegations

[2019] EWHC 281 (QB) - Queen's Bench Division, Media and Communications List

Judge Nicklin J

RJ v Tigipko

Family proceedings – Reporting Restrictions – Administration of Justice Act 1960 - Children Act 1989 - Anonymity

[2019] EWHC 105 (Fam) - High Court, Family Division

Judge Mostyn J

Cooper v National Crime Agency

Data protection – sensitive personal data – data sharing in the context of criminal and disciplinary proceedings – police forces – unfair dismissal.

[2019] EWCA Civ 16 - Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

Judge Sir Geoffrey Vos C, Sales LJ and Baker LJ

BBC v Independent Office for Police Conduct

Information Notice Appeal – Investigatory Powers – Police Reform Act 2002 – Article 10

[2019] UKFTT 2018_0163 (GRC) - First-Tier Tribunal (General Regulatory Chamber)

Judge Judge Alison McKenna (CP); Dr Henry Fitzhugh; Jean Nelson

Nugent v Willers

Defamation - Limitation - Discretionary exclusion  of  time  limit  for  actions  for  defamation  or malicious falsehood -  s.30A of the Limitation Act 1984 (Isle of Man)  - s.32A Limitation Act 1980 (England & Wales)

[2019] UKPC 1 - Privy Council

Judge Lady Hale, Lord Kerr, Lady Black, Lord Briggs, Lord Kitchin