Apple ordered to provide access to family photos

Apple has been ordered to provide a widow with access to the family photographs and videos in her late husband’s Apple account.

Rachel Thompson’s husband Matthew died in 2015 without leaving a will. Their daughter Matilda was then aged 6. Matthew was the family photographer, and the family photographs and videos were taken on Matthew’s iPhone and stored on his iCloud account.  Although she was his sole heir and executrix, Apple refused to give Rachel access to Matthew’s iCloud account. The grant of probate was deemed insufficient, Apple insisted upon a specific court order.

At a hearing at Central London County Court HHJ Luba granted the order, and said that there ought to be a clear procedure for dealing with such matters, which are likely to come before the court more often. This is a matter which may need to be taken up by the Civil Procedure Rules Committee.

Rachel and her daughter are now able to access over 4,500 family photos and 900 videos.

5RB’s Felicity McMahon, instructed by Matthew Himsworth of Himsworth Scott acted for Rachel Thompson, conducting the hearing pro bono.

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