Contemnor in online harassment case sentenced to six months

Judgment given in Dew v Mills-Nanyn [2022] EWHC 1925 (QB) by Mrs Justice Collins Rice

In a hearing in the High Court this week, Oliver Mills-Nanyn was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment, suspended for a period of two years for breaches of undertakings to the court.

Mr Mills-Nanyn had previously made undertakings to the court following the settlement of a misuse of private information and harassment claim made against him. The Claimant complained of 20 sample breaches of the undertakings by Mr Mills-Nanyn. He initially denied the breaches but admitted them all in the week before the trial.

In her judgment, Mrs Justice Collins Rice described the context of the breaches was a “harmful, oppressive and predatory course of conduct” and an invasion of the Claimant’s autonomy and privacy.

Mr Mills-Nanyn was also ordered to pay the claimant £30,000 for an allied civil claim for breach of the undertakings and to pay costs on an indemnity basis. The full judgment is available here.

5RB’s Ben Hamer, instructed by Brett Wilson LLP, acted for the successful claimant.

The decision was widely reported in national and international media, including in The MirrorMail Online and The Times.