High Court strikes out claim against Channel 5

Proceedings subsequently dismissed

The High Court has struck out the particulars of a claim brought by Mr Adam Jamal Taylor against Channel 5 and Brinkworth Films in respect of an episode the program “Can’t Pay, We’ll Take It Away”. The Court further ordered the proceedings dismissed in the event that Mr Taylor did not comply with the Court’s orders for the amendment of the claim and payment of costs.

Mr Taylor commenced proceedings in the County Court. Channel 5 and Brinkworth Films brought an application in the High Court to have the proceedings removed to the High Court, and to have them struck out.

Master McCloud in the High Court made an order transferring proceedings, and ordered that the proceedings be stayed, and subsequently dismissed, if Mr Taylor did not comply with orders made for the amendment of the claim.

The Master also ordered that the defendants have the cost of the application, with the claim to be dismissed if the costs were not paid by 26 August 2017.

The claim was subsequently dismissed.

5RB‘s Tom Blackburn appeared for Channel 5 Broadcasting and Brinkworth Films