Jonathan Scherbel-Ball appointed to the B Panel

5RB are delighted to announce that Jonathan Scherbel-Ball has been promoted to the Attorney General’s B Panel of approved Counsel for government work, with effect from 1 September 2020. His appointment will last five years.

The Attorney General maintains panels of junior counsel to undertake civil and EU work for all government departments. There are three central panels (an A panel for senior juniors, a B panel for middle juniors, a C panel for junior juniors) and regional panels. All government departments and agencies of government departments must use the panels. The application process is rigorous and highly competitive and work performance of those on already on the panel is monitored. Existing panel members are not automatically re-appointed or promoted to the next panel and must re-apply in open competition.

Jonathan was previously on the C Panel from 2015-2020. He advises a wide range of public and governmental organisations on breach of confidence, privacy, data protection and freedom of information law. Recent clients include the Department of Health, CAFCASS, the NCA and Ofqual.

5RB congratulates Jonathan on his appointment.