Judgment on remedies in Blake & Seymour v Fox

Following judgment in the libel trial of Blake and others v Fox [2024] EWHC 146 (KB) and a subsequent remedies hearing on 22 March 2024, Mrs Justice Collins Rice has today handed down judgment on remedies.

The claims in this case arose following a controversial tweet published by Mr Fox, which had led the Claimants to publish tweets calling Mr Fox a ‘racist’ and Mr Fox, in return, to reply to each and call them a ‘paedophile’.

At trial, Collins Rice J found in favour of Mr Blake and Mr Seymour. Mr Fox’s counterclaims were dismissed on the basis that Collins Rice J was not satisfied the tweets complained of had caused serious harm to his reputation.

Mr Blake and Mr Seymour have been awarded £90,000 each.

Read the 5RB case report here.

5RB’s Alexandra Marzec and Greg Callus appeared for Laurence Fox, led by Patrick Green KC and instructed by Gateley Legal.