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Tag: e-commerce

October 11, 2013
ECHR: Liability of Website Operators for User Comments not a breach

Court finds no violation of Article 10 in Delfi AS v Estonia

Category: News

Tags: Defamation Act 2013, e-commerce, ECHR, Freedom of Expression, Human Rights, online publication, reputation

August 28, 2013
MoJ Consultation on s.5 Operators of Websites Regulations Guidance

Draft Guidance and FAQs on the notice procedure published

Categories: Defamation, News

Tags: Defamation, e-commerce, Libel, Libel Reform, Take-down, Websites

February 13, 2013
Google can be liable as publisher

Court of Appeal clarifies law for ISPs but dismisses claim

Categories: Defamation, News

Tags: Court of Appeal, Defamation, e-commerce, Libel, Media Law, online publication, Take-down, Websites