5RB website given new recognition

Website developing into 'major legal resource'

Delia Venables, the creator of arguably the most comprehensive online guide to Legal Resources on the Internet, has today accorded the 5RB website new recognition.

Ms Venables observes that “5RB (5 Raymond Buildings) is developing its website into a major legal resource. There are over 300 case reports on the site covering Media and Defamation, Privacy and Data Protection, Freedom of Information, Sports Law, Intellectual Property and other areas. The case reports include very recent ones and in many cases, copies of the judgments are appended. You can also register on the site for email briefings with monthly round-ups of key issues and new cases covered on the site.”

5RB‘s website is now cited by Ms Venables as a valuable resource in four categories of legal interest: Defamation and Media; Data Protection and Privacy, also Freedom of Information; Intellectual Property, Patents, Trade Marks and Multimedia; and Sports Law.