Conference5RB 2008 Launched

24 September 2008

The two years since the last 5RB Conference have seen important developments in media and sports law as the Courts have wrestled with the difficult balance to be struck between the rights of individuals to protect their reputation and privacy and the rights of freedom of expression.

CONFERENCE5RB 2008 will bring together the strands of our barristers’ individual experiences together with guest contributors from the world of journalism and the internet, to consider critically how modern media, privacy and sports laws operate and interrelate.

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Key issues

We will address topics such as

  • The key decisions on qualified privilege and neutral reportage since ReynoldsJameel v Wall Street Journal; Charman v Orion; Roberts v Gable; Curistan v Times Newspapers

  • the expansion of privacy law; the rights of those who want to kiss and tell and the protection of children – McKennitt v Ash; Murray v Express Newspapers

  • How to prove publication online and identify anonymous bloggers

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution in Media and Sport cases

  • Restricting and obtaining access to courts and legal documents