Wright v McCormack libel trial commences

The libel trial in Wright v McCormack commenced in the High Court on Monday 23 May, before Mr Justice Chamberlain.

The Claimant, Dr Craig Wright, is well-known within the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community, and avers that he is Satoshi Nakamoto (“Satoshi”), the individual or group of individuals widely understood to have created Bitcoin. The Defendant, Peter McCormack, is a blogger in the cryptocurrency community with a large social media following.

Dr Wright sued in libel over fourteen Tweets published by Mr McCormack and words spoken by him in a YouTube video. Dr Wright claims that the publications allege that he fraudulently claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Following a pre-trial review in October 2021, the remaining issues to be determined at trial include the meaning of the Publications, whether they caused serious harm to Dr Wright’s reputation, and remedies.

The trial is now expected to conclude on Wednesday 25 May.

5RB’s Adam Wolanski QC, Greg Callus and Lily Walker-Parr appear for the Claimant, instructed by ONTIER LLP.