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May 5, 2015
5RB Talks: Manchester

5RB's Jonathan Barnes, Richard Munden and Chloe Strong spoke

Category: Events

Tags: 5RB, 5RB:Talks

March 13, 2015
5RB Talks 2015: Cardiff

5RB’s William Bennett, Christina Michalos and David Hirst spoke

Categories: Events, News

Tags: 5RB, 5RB:Talks

February 17, 2015
5RB Talks 2015: Bristol

5RB's Jacob Dean, Felicity McMahon and Julian Santos spoke at the Bristol office of Osborne Clarke

Category: News

Tags: 5RB, 5RB:Talks, data protection, Defamation Act 2013, Harassment, online publication, privacy, Social Media