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The future under the e-Privacy Directive

By Yuli Takatsuki. 6 Oct 2016

Vicarious liability for misuse of private information

By Jonathan Barnes. 28 Sep 2016

Protecting Public Officials and Corporates – Q&A

By Adam Speker & Felicity McMahon. 7 Jul 2016

Legal Issues of Blogging

By Christina Michalos. 1 Jul 2016

Responsible journalism—the ethics of press leaks

By John Stables. 13 Jun 2016

High profile divorce fuels discussion on family court reporting – Appleton v Gallagher

By Jonathan Barnes. 22 Apr 2016

Harassment by Publication – Abridged Extract

26 Jan 2016

Privacy, the Internet and Social Media – Abridged Extract

By Godwin Busuttil, Felicity McMahon & Gervase de Wilde. 22 Jan 2016

Golden Eye ‘pay or else’ letters

By Christina Michalos. 19 Jan 2016

Photos of celebrities’ children—does Paul Weller’s case muddy the waters of media law?

By John Stables. 10 Dec 2015

How much is too much? Privacy damages and phone-hacking

By Adam Speker. 29 Oct 2015

The Supreme Court decision in OPO v MLA

By Felicity McMahon. 29 Oct 2015

An affair to remember – defamation following the Ashley Madison hack

By Christina Michalos. 19 Oct 2015

When are website operators liable for user comments? – Delfi AS v Estonia

By Felicity McMahon. 14 Jul 2015

Statements in open court – ANL v Murray

By Julian Santos. 5 Jun 2015


The Law of Privacy and the Media 3rd Edition

By Matthew Nicklin QC, Justin Rushbrooke QC, Stephen Bate, Godwin Busuttil, Adam Wolanski, Jonathan Barnes, Adam Speker, Richard Munden, Victoria Simon-Shore, Felicity McMahon, Chloe Strong, Gervase de Wilde, Julian Santos, Iain Christie & Yuli Takatsuki. 22 Jan 2016

Clerk & Lindsell on Torts, 21st edition

By Adam Speker & Felicity McMahon. 4 Nov 2014

Media Law and Ethics in the 21st Century

By Yuli Takatsuki. 30 May 2014

Sport: Law and Practice, 3rd edition

By Mark Warby QC. 31 Jan 2014

Gatley on Libel & Slander, 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th editions

By Adam Speker, Chloe Strong & Godwin Busuttil. 31 Dec 2013

Blackstone’s Guide to the Defamation Act 2013

By James Price QC, Felicity McMahon, Nigel Abbas, Jonathan Barnes, William Bennett, Iain Christie, Jacob Dean, Richard Munden, Justin Rushbrooke QC, Yuli Takatsuki & Mark Warby QC. 19 Sep 2013

Tugendhat & Christie: The Law of Privacy and the Media, Second Edition

By Mark Warby QC, James Price QC, Matthew Nicklin QC, Stephen Bate, Jonathan Barnes, Adam Wolanski, Adam Speker, Richard Munden, Yuli Takatsuki, Anna Coppola & Iain Christie. 17 Mar 2011

Borrie & Lowe: The Law of Contempt

By Richard Munden. 1 Oct 2010

Entertainment and Media Law Reports

20 May 2010

Gatley on Libel & Slander, 9th, 10th and 11th edition

6 Dec 2008

The Trials of Art (ed. Daniel McClean)

By Christina Michalos. 26 Nov 2007

Arlidge, Eady & Smith on Contempt

1 Dec 2005

Law of Photography and Digital Images

By Christina Michalos. 19 May 2004

The Law of Privacy and the Media

By Anna Coppola, Desmond Browne QC, James Price QC, Justin Rushbrooke QC, Matthew Nicklin QC, Stephen Bate, Alexandra Marzec, David Sherborne, Jonathan Barnes, Godwin Busuttil, Adam Wolanski, William Bennett, Christina Michalos, Jacob Dean & Adam Speker. 17 Oct 2002