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Defamation County Court – Why Not?

By Jonathan Barnes. 28 Aug 2014

The shrinking scope for anonymity in the Court of Protection

By Felicity McMahon. 9 Jul 2014

The Defamation Act 2013 – 6 months on

By James Price QC, Jonathan Barnes & Yuli Takatsuki. 1 Jul 2014

Kennedy v The Charity Commission: A New Zealand Perspective

29 Jun 2014

“You say tomato”: A Comparison of English and US Privacy Law Principles

By Yuli Takatsuki. 24 Jun 2014

Free Speech Online

By Christina Michalos & Felicity McMahon. 4 Jun 2014

News-Gathering and the Protection from Harassment Act

By Adam Speker & Chloe Strong. 10 Apr 2014

The Section 5 Defamation Act 2013 Regulations: Cumbersome and of Questionable Benefit?

4 Mar 2014

Sport: Law and Practice, 3rd edition

By Mark Warby QC. 31 Jan 2014

Gatley on Libel & Slander, 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th editions

By Adam Speker, Chloe Strong & Godwin Busuttil. 31 Dec 2013

Blackstone’s Guide to the Defamation Act 2013

By James Price QC, Felicity McMahon, Nigel Abbas, Jonathan Barnes, William Bennett, Iain Christie, Jacob Dean, Richard Munden, Justin Rushbrooke QC, Yuli Takatsuki & Mark Warby QC. 19 Sep 2013

Proximity to fame, privacy and copyright ownership

By Chloe Strong. 24 Jan 2013

Data protection and the prank callers

By Mark Warby QC. 12 Dec 2012

Non-disclosure injunctions – the new landscape

By Jonathan Barnes. 24 Oct 2012

Supporting a free press and high standards – approaches to Regulation

By Desmond Browne QC. 13 Oct 2011