5RB talks: the Lachaux decision

With Desmond Browne CBE KC, Adrienne Page KC, Tom Blackburn SC & Gervase de Wilde

Format: Podcast
Date: 7 Jan 2021

Round Table discusses the ramifications for Serious Harm

On Tuesday 10th October, 5RB held a panel discussion to review the recent Court of Appeal decision in Lachaux v Independent Print Ltd, Evening Standard Ltd, AOL (UK) Ltd. and its ramifications for the serious harm threshold.

On the night, Desmond Browne QC moderated with Adrienne Page QC, Tom Blackburn SCWilliam Bennett and Gervase de Wilde discussing key aspects of the decision.

Given the importance of this decision, 5RB has decided to record a podcast for our clients to listen to at your convenience.  This 5RB podcast is moderated by Desmond Browne QC  with Adrienne Page QCGervase de Wilde and Tom Blackburn.

Adrienne Page QC was Leading Counsel for the Respondent.