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While the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 was introduced to provide a remedy against stalking its scope has been felt more much widely. Members of 5RB were involved in Thomas v News Group Newspapers Ltd [2002] EMLR 78, which made clear that the legislation’s scope extended to the behaviour of a newspaper, such that harassment could be committed by publication. 5RB barristers have been involved in a number of harassment cases since the Act came into force including: Howlett v Holding, Bloom v Robinson-Miller, Trimingham v Associated Newspapers and Thompson v James.

The legislation has also been used to obtain injunctions on behalf of celebrities protecting them from being hounded by photographic agencies and paparazzi photographers, again this is in area in which 5RB barristers have acted, for example obtaining injunctions on behalf of Harry Styles and Ting Lan Hong. The Act has also been to prevent the repeated distribution of libellous material.

In the online context harassment by repeated publication of material over a period of time is a problem recognised by the courts and in which 5RB barristers are well-placed to act. Harassment via social media, including through repeated online posts, “trolling”, the use of fake online profiles and the posting of private photographs is a developing area in which¬†5RB barristers have the necessary expertise to advise.

5RB barristers frequently advise on harassment cases (involving celebrities and private individuals and companies seeking to protect their employees) acting for Claimants and Defendants.

5 recent Harassment cases