Law of Photography and Digital Images

Law of Photography and Digital Images

By Christina Michalos KC

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
Date of Publication: 19 May 2004

This groundbreaking work provides a one-stop source for all lawyers advising on the law of photography and digital images. Presenting commentary on all areas of law relevant to photography, it combines coverage of core topics such as copyright and passing off with those where the law remains grey and relatively untested, such as the internet and implications of the Human Rights Act.
* Provides for the first time a single volume text for legal practitioners covering all areas of law relevant to photography
* Detailed consideration of problems specific to photography, helping practitioners understand the implications of legal issues that impact on digital imagery
* In-depth examination of decisions of the Advertising Standards Authority and Press Complaints Commission
* Appendices include the Data Protection CCTV Code and the PCC Code

A Short History of the Development of Photography. Copyright. Copyright and Originality. Moral Rights. Restrictions on the right to take a photograph. Photography and Trademarks. Images of People: Privacy and Human Rights. Obscenity. Internet and Digital Images. Passing Off. Data Protection. Photographic Libraries. Collecting Societies. Codes of Conduct and Public Complaints.

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
Jurisdiction: England & Wales
Estimated Publication Date: 19/05/2004
ISBN: 0421764708