The Law of Privacy and the Media 3rd Edition

The Law of Privacy and the Media 3rd Edition

By Justin Rushbrooke KC, Godwin Busuttil, Adam Wolanski KC, Jonathan Barnes KC, Adam Speker KC, Richard Munden, Victoria Simon-Shore, Felicity McMahon, Chloe Strong, Gervase de Wilde & Julian Santos

Publisher: OUP
Date of Publication: 21 Jan 2016

The new edition of Tugendhat and Christie: The Law of Privacy and the Media

Edited by: Dr Nicole Moreham and Sir Mark Warby.

  • The leading reference work on the law of privacy in England and Wales.
  • Frequently referred to in argument in privacy cases, and extracts have been cited with approval in judgments of the High Court and Courts of Appeal.
  • Written by a specialist team of academics, judges and practising lawyers from the UK and abroad, under the editorial direction of Sir Mark Warby and Dr Nicole Moreham.
  • Offers detailed, practical, and authoritative guidance for practitioners and academics working on cases relating to media privacy law.

New to this Edition:

  • Updated with important developments including the Leveson Report, Von Hannover (No.2) and Axel Springer, Trimingham and similar cases in the domestic courts
  • Greater coverage of online publication including the E-Commerce Regulations, and a new chapter on new media
  • Greater discussion of rules regarding anonymity in court proceedings, the awarding of interim injunctions, the interplay between defamation and privacy, and the interplay between Strasbourg and the domestic courts
  • New coverage of phone-hacking and other intrusive and surreptitious means of acquiring information, harassment, and social media and their implications for privacy

Consultant Editors: Sir Michael Tugendhat and Iain Christie.

5RB Contributors: Matthew Nicklin QCJustin Rushbrooke QCNigel AbbasJonathan BarnesStephen BateGodwin BusuttilFelicity McMahonRichard MundenJulian SantosVictoria ShoreAdam SpekerChloe StrongYuli TakatsukiGervase de WildeAdam Wolanski.


A Council of Europe Resolution 1165 (1998)

B Human Rights Act 1998

C Protection from Harassment Act 1997 

D Data Protection Directive (EC Directive 95/46)

E Data Protection Act 1998

F Data Protection (Processing of Sensitive Personal Data) Order 2000 (SI 2000/317)

G The Privacy Codes (extracts)

(i)(a) Ofcom Broadcasting Code (2015)

(b) Guidance Notes (2009)

(ii) BBC Editorial Guidelines

(iii) IPSO Editors’ Code of Practice

H Model Order – attached to Practice Guidance on interim non-disclosure orders