Middle Temple Visit to Washington DC

3 Members of 5RB speak on Media Law

Three members of 5RB attended the Middle Temple’s Amity Visit to Washington DC this month and contributed to a session on Restrictions on Media Communications in the interests of Truth and Privacy held at the US Institute of Peace.

At the session, chaired by the retired Court of Appeal judge, Sir Christopher Clarke, the main paper was given by Adam Speker with contributions from John Stables and associate member, Professor Tony (ATH) Smith. There were also presentations by three American practitioners and academics Dean Rod Smolla, Professor Stephen Wermiel, Lee Levine.

The panel discussed various media law issues and how recent US decisions in Palin v New York Times and Bollea (Hulk Hogan) v Gawker.com would have been approached in England.

A copy of Adam Speker’s paper can be found here.