Apology given to the The Register by Aria Taheri, founder and CEO of Aria Technology Ltd

Statement in Open Court: Situation Publishing Ltd, Gareth Corfield and Paul Kunert v Aria Technology Ltd, Aria Taheri and Velo Systems Ltd

Mr Taheri and his companies, Aria Technology Ltd (which trades as “Aria PC”) and Velo Systems Ltd (operator of the Aria PC website at www.aria.co.uk), have today apologised for the defamatory statements and cartoons that Mr Taheri had published online about the well-known online news site, “The Register”, owned by Situation Publishing Ltd, and two of its employees.

Mr Taheri had accused Gareth Corfield, a journalist at The Register, and Paul Kunert, The Register’s UK Editor, of being click-bait merchants and purveyors of fake news. He had also warned advertisers not to place their business with The Register, claiming that any association with The Register would harm their reputations as well.

Mr Taheri and his companies have now agreed to settle the legal action brought against them and to pay Mr Corfield and Mr Kunert a significant amount by way of damages and costs, as well as offering an unreserved apology for the defamatory statements and cartoons.

5RB’s Chloe Strong acted for the Claimants, instructed by Razi Mireskandari, Erica Henshilwood and Andrew Wheelhouse of Simons Muirhead & Burton.

A copy of the statement in open court is here: QB 2019 003443 SIOC